Groovy & Java Consulting

If you're after an experienced Groovy and Java practitioner, trainer or speaker, look no further.

I'm a pragmatic generalist in the JVM space with well over a decade of experience in software development. That includes web development (both front end and back end), desktop applications, cloud deployment, relational databases, the Spring framework and more. Recent specialisations include the Groovy programming language, the Grails web framework and the Gradle build tool.

As an experienced trainer and speaker, I love nothing more than helping others learn. You can find examples of my public work under Resources. This includes my profile on GitHub, which highlights some of my active contributions to open source software.

For enquiries on my availability and the services I offer, contact me via email.


Learn how to use different technologies through on-site courses. These are focused on introducing topics through practical application. Current courses include an introduction to Groovy and one for Grails. An introduction to Gradle is also planned. Contact me to discuss requirements for a custom course.


If you have already started using a technology, mentoring can accelerate your team's learning while they work on a project. Having someone on hand to answer questions, teach useful techniques and advise on best practice can make a big difference in productivity.

Health Checks

Are you unsure whether your project is progressing as quickly as it could? Are you getting the most out of your tools and other technology choices? A health check can help identify current and potential issues or even simply provide peace of mind that the project is doing the right thing.

Problem Solving

Sometimes you just hit one or more roadblocks in your project's development that suck up resources and slow its progress to a crawl. When that happens, I can help analyse the issues and get the project back on track.